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يمكن دونغفنغ شاحنة القمامة شنق برميل

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معلومات أساسية

نموذج: CLW5020ZZZ5

Condition: New

Transmission Type: Manual

Fuel Type:: Gasoline

Vehicle Type: Self Loading And Unloading Garbage Vehicle

Outline Dimension: 4650,4615*1670*2030(mm)

Total Mass: 1990kg

Wheelbase: 2760mm

Maximum Speed: 110km/h

Color: Optional

Warranty: 1 Year

Additional Info

تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليف: مشمع

إنتاجية: 120 sets per week

علامة تجارية: CLW GROUP TRUCK

نقل: Ocean,Land

مكان المنشأ: الصين

تفاصيل التجارة القدرة علي التوريد: 12000 Sets per year

الشهادات: CCC ISO

وصف المنتج

CLW GROUP TRUCK دونغفنغ 4CBM شاحنة القمامة يمكن أن يعلق على برميل

ميزات السيارة :

1. DONGFENG هيكل عالي الجودة ، نوع محرك 4X2 ، LHD / RHD

2.Have الهيدروليكية رافع ، يمكن أن يعلق القمامة.

3. تحميل الذات وتفريغ القمامة ، والتفريغ الخلفي. لا تلوث ثانوي.

4. حجم ناقلة: 4CBM.

5. وافق CCC ISO BV ، وقبول خدمة التخصيص.


Production enterprise information
Vehicle name: CLW GROUP TRUCK Dongfeng 4CBM Garbage Truck Can Hang A Barrel  Vehicle type: Special vehicleLaws and regulations
Manufacturing place: China Type of licence: The vehicle license plate classification standard
Announcement batch: 283 Release date: 20160428
product ID: ZM5HF54K010  Directory number: (Seventeen)74
Chinese brand: CLW GROUP TRUCK English brand:
Announcement type: CLW5020ZZZ5 Exempt from: no
Enterprise name: CLW GROUP TRUCK
fuel: no
Business address: The southern suburbs of Hubei Province, Suizhou city Zengdou District Chengli Automobile Industry Park environmental protection: no
Inspection instructions
Exemption: no Check the inspection period:
Announcement status
Announcement status: effective Effective date of announcement: 20160428
Announcement state description: extend change(extend)Record:
Main technical parameters
Outline dimension: 4650,4615*1670*2030(mm)   Cargo compartment size: * *(mm) 
Total mass: 1990(Kg)  Load quality utilization factor: 0
curb weight: 1720(Kg)  Rated load quality: 140(Kg) 
Trailer quality: (kg) Semitrailer saddle:
Front passenger: 2(people)
Rated capacity: (people) Anti lock braking system: nothing
Approach angle/Departure angle: 38/13,37/13(DEG) The front suspension/Rear overhang: 590/1300,555/1300(mm)  
Axle load: 960/1030 Wheelbase: 2760(mm) 
Axis number: 2 Maximum speed: 110(km/h)
Oil consumption: 7.0 Spring sheet number: -/5,-/6
Tyre number: 4 Tire specifications: 165/70R14,155R13LT,165R13LT
Front track: 1310  Rear wheel: 1310 
Brake front:
After braking:
Before system operation:
After the operation of the system:
Steering form: Steering wheel Starting method:
drive system:
Oil consumption(L/100Km): 7.0
VinVehicle identification code: LVZKN219X x x x x x x x x x x xLaws and regulations
Engine parameters
Engine Engine production enterprise displacement(ml) power(kw)
BG10-07 Chongqing yuan Huaihai Power Co. Ltd. 1012 51
Vehicle fuel parameters
Fuel type: gasoline Based on standard:  
Chassis emission standard: GB18352.5-2013countryV
1And with the optional chassis cab.2Vehicle length(mm)/ The front suspension(mm)/ Rear overhang(mm)/Wheelbase(mm)Corresponding relation is:4650/590/1300/2760,4615/555/1300/2760.3Select the engine onlyBG10-07,The corresponding fuel consumption value is(L/100km):7.0.4Text spray location and vehicle color change.
Reflective marking parameters
Marking enterprise: CLW GROUP TRUCK Logo mark: CLW GROUP TRUCK
Identification model: TM1200-1,HW1400

Fuel consumption parameter
Urban working conditions Suburban condition Comprehensive value
5.6 7.0
EQ1021TFJ53Chassis parameters
Dongfeng truck chassis|Dongfeng brandEQ1021TFJ53Truck chassisDetailed parameters
Enterprise name: Dongfeng well-off Automobile Co., Ltd.
Chassis Model: EQ1021TFJ53 Chassis class: Two
Product name: Truck chassis Product trademark: Dongfeng brand
Zip code: 402260 Directory number: 3
Specifications: long:4285,4320  wide:1560  high:1825
Fuel type: gasoline Based on standard: GB18352.5-2013countryV
Steering form: Steering wheel
Axis number: 2 Wheelbase: 2760
Spring sheet number: -/5,-/6 Tyre number: 4
Tire specifications: 165/70R14,155R13LT,165R13LT Tread: Front track 1310  Rear wheel 1310
Total mass: 1990
curb weight: 810 Trailer quality:
Semitrailer saddle:
Front passenger: 2
Close to the left corner: 38/28,37/35 Front suspension rear suspension: 555/970,590/970
Maximum speed: 110
Dongfeng truck chassis|Dongfeng brandEQ1021TFJ53Truck chassisEngine detail parameters
Engine model Engine production enterprise displacement(ML) power(ML)
BG10-07 Chongqing yuan Huaihai Power Co. Ltd. 1012
Identification code: LVZKN219X x x x x x x x x x x x
Other: Optional front combination lamp, bumper, front fog lamps, rear view mirror,Engine maximum net power49.7kW.Optional front styling(Front bumper, front grille, front lamp).
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  • يمكن دونغفنغ شاحنة القمامة شنق برميل
  • يمكن دونغفنغ شاحنة القمامة شنق برميل
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